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Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture (BASA)

Our Mission Statement:
Baja Arizona Sustainable Agriculture’s Mission is to help create and expand local sustainable food systems in Southern Arizona that promote the health and well-being of the natural world and the people who live here. Baja AZ is dedicated to educating the public on the importance of a sustainable food and agriculture system that is economically viable, environmentally sound, socially just, and humane.

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Upcoming Events for 2024


​Earth Day was Fun!

See new pictures in the Gallery

Look for us mid month all summer at the Sierra Vista and Bisbee Saturday Market

We will share mesquite flour samples, treats and handout harvesting guides and recipes

​Our mission for Gleaning is to increase food security, reduce food waste and increase the nutritional value of food for all families to include low income homes. We will partner with other groups in an equitable way throughout Cochise County to serve our residents.​Would you like to gather fruits and vegetablesor donate your surplus to others?​​​

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Image by Alexander Shatov
Image by Alexander Shatov
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